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Welcome to the Law Office of Fullerton Attorney Hugh Douglas Whittemore.

Mr. Whittemore is an experienced, knowledgable attorney with over 38 years of experience helping clients navigate a wide variety of Family Law and Divorce matters. A skilled attorney,  Fullerton Family Law Attorney Hugh Douglas Whittemore is devoted to achieving the most favorable outcome possible on behalf of his clients.

Whether you need a skilled attorney to handle your divorce, want a prior Family Law Judgment modified, due to changes in circumstances, or have concerns regarding Support, Visitation, or Custody, Hugh Douglas Whittemore can help.

Family Law Lawyer in Fullerton

At the Law Offices of Fullerton Family Law Attorney Hugh Douglas Whittemore, we possess the skills and requisite experience necessary to help our clients resolve a broad range of Family Law matters.

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Dissolution of the Marriage

Divorce can be tough, we're here to help from a legal perspective.

Visitation & Child Support

Are you seeking child custody? We are here to help.


Do you want to modify an Order after you have obtained your  Judgment? We can help.

Paternity Cases

We are here to help you to obtain visitation or a Judgment or whatever you need.

Property Division

We will establish property division orders as part of the Judgment. If you already have orders and you feel your orders should be modified,  consult with us today. 

Spousal Support

Obtain temporary or permanent orders or modify a current order. Call for an appointment today. Why overpay or go without support ? We can resolve either issue.

Other Areas of Representation in Fullerton – Attorney Hugh Douglas Whittemore

In addition to resolving Family Law and Property and Custody disputes, Mr. Whittemore also has more than 38 years experience helping clients obtain results and resolve the following criminal and civil matters: DUI’s / Drunk Driving; Personal Bankruptcy; Unlawful Detainers

Call Fullerton Family Law Lawyer Hugh Douglas Whittemore for a Consultation

For help with these issues, please call the Law Offices of Hugh Douglas Whittemore at 714-870-9197 to speak directly with an attorney who will offer intelligent, up-front legal counsel and representation. If he can not handle your case directly he will provide you with a trusted referral. 

DUI/Drunk Driving or other criminal consultations are provided at no cost.

Please contact the Law Office of Fullerton Attorney Hugh Douglas Whittemore today to make an appointment for your in-office consultation. A Zoom or telephonic consult can also be arranged. As an experienced negotiator, he will work to resolve your matter when possible outside of court through settlement negotiations. However, when attempts to settle your case peacefully fail to yield the desired results, he is a seasoned litigator who will not hesitate to take your case to trial.

Please complete our Case Evaluation Form. We will review the information that you provide and will call you to arrange an appointment to discuss your case in greater depth.

For immediate assistance, call 714-870-9197 today to learn how Mr. Whittemore can help you resolve your legal matter.

Conveniently located in Fullerton, the Law Offices of Lawyer Hugh Douglas Whittemore proudly represents clients who live and work throughout the region.

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