Modifications prior to and Post Judgment

Child custody and visitation can be modified post-judgment at any time. If a parent seeks a custody modification after a final custody judgment, that parent seeking the change must show there has been a significant change in circumstances since the final order and that the new proposed order is in the children’s best interest.

If you wish to modify any court orders in your case, you may attempt to come to a new agreement with the other party to the proceeding. This option would be the most cost effective for you, since there would be no need to appear in court. Once an agreement is reached, the agreement must be submitted to the California family law court, where the judge will sign the agreement. Once the judge signs the agreement, the agreement becomes a court order and is legally enforceable.

While this option is procedurally the least complex and most cost effective type of modification, it still requires the expertise of an experienced family law attorney in California. There are several issues that could arise from coming to a new agreement with the other party. The new agreement could be difficult to negotiate with the other party and an experienced California modification attorney could be the difference in helping you reach an agreement.